Brooks Rice Law is a small, dedicated legal practice in Austin, Texas focusing on the Entertainment, Business, and Intellectual Property issues facing artists and content creators.


We are a full-service law firm for the small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all vocations, be it music, television, film, visual arts, eSports, or literary. The firm specializes in trademark and copyright law registrations, business formations, internet, and new media issues, contract negotiations, small estate and legacy planning, and other matters facing our clients in the creative space.


We are licensed to practice law in both California and Texas and have a practice structure that enables us to meet the needs of our clients regardless of location.


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Artist, Lawyer

Brooks grew up an Austin musician and has called Austin home since he was 8. With a deep affection for artists and their unique legal needs and budgetary constraints, Brooks brings a full-service package to clients consisting of advice and legal protection in the music, television, film, publishing, visual arts, esports, influencers, artist estate planning, and theatre arts industries. Quite simply, he counsels artists and entrepreneurs on the best strategies for protecting and monetizing their creative endeavors.


Brooks is licensed to practice law in Texas and California and has clients in both states, allowing him to create a valued practice structure that enables him to meet the need of clients in the most creative areas.


Entertainment law is used primarily as an “umbrella” term — a collection of elements ranging from business, copyright, trademark, labor law, securities law, Federal Trade Commission regulations, and contracts, just to name a few. This collection of legal trades intersect to form the law as it relates to artists and creators.



Brooks began working with small business via the natural cross pollination with artists and their creative ventures. Brooks assists small businesses at all stages in their growth, from counseling the proper business structure, to dealing with employees and partners, to mergers and acquisitions of a business. A healthy business needs a great idea, great people, and a great legal planning.



To a large extent, Copyright Law is the very foundation of the creative arts. After all, it is established by the United States Constitution. Despite its importance, it remains vexing for most creators, and a failure to understand your rights as they relate to co-authors, consumers, distributors, and even infringers could have severe consequences. We help you to navigate this complicated collection of rights and remedies to help you better do what you do — create.



The art and entrepreneurial work you create is a brand uniquely associated with you and your creative works. Building it requires a bit of finesse. Protecting it requires a little more. Brooks offers brand and trademark counseling for all levels of creatives. Trademark registration and trademark policing practices are integral to your business and central to Brooks’ practice.



Yes. With a strong background in representing creators, influencers, and small businesses, Brooks understands the wide range of issues present in the growing world of e-Sports. Though not quite the wild west, this nascent industry can easily present unfavorable proposals to its players and businesses, rendering counsel extremely important. Brooks will help you monetize your skills, your business ideas, and ensure the deals in front of you are right for you.



Brooks focuses on artist estate plans with a strong focus on making certain your art has the potential to live past the day you do. Competent estate planning can help your works live on, regardless of how that might be, and continue to make certain your legacy continues exactly as you wish it would.






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