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Brooks Rice Law has served some of the most talented creatives from across Texas and beyond for ten years. We are proud to be a trusted source for legal advice and services for entertainers, artists, thinkers, and creators.

Intellectual Property.

It's what we do.

How difficult is it to come up with the next great idea? Well, it might feel like finding a unicorn in a prehistoric forest. Brooks Rice Law can help protect your company's most valuable assets while you focus on expanding your brand.


Browse our service menu to learn more about our practice areas. If you don't see something you need here, don’t fret! We probably rock at it. We just didn't want to create the world's longest web page.


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Copyright Law

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Copyright law can be vague and confusing. You know it’s important, but you don’t quite know where to start or what to do. We assist creators in understanding the makeup of copyrights in their works so that they are better informed and better protected. We can help you secure your copyrights, license your works, and make sure you don’t accidentally get into trouble.


Brooks Rice Law handles matters relating to:


  • Copyright Registrations

  • Copyright Licenses and Assignments

  • Collaborator and Joint Authorship Agreements

  • Work For Hire Agreements

  • Copyright Searches

  • Infringement Counseling

  • Cease & Desist Letters

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Trademark Law


Iconic and unmistakable symbols of your identity - brand names & logos -  require special care to register, maintain, and protect. Your rights to your exclusive marks can be easier to lose than you may think. Brooks has extensive experience, and success, in handling Trademark registrations.


Brooks Rice Law handles matters relating to:


  • Trademark & Service Mark Registrations and Renewals

  • Responses to Office Actions

  • Brand Counseling

  • Corporate Trademark Monitoring Plans and Policies

  • Trademark Licenses and Assignments

  • Co-Use Agreements

  • Infringement Counseling

  • Cease & Desist Letters

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Entertainment Law


Though the Entertainment Law field cannot be distilled into buckets, Brooks Rice Law is proud to provide trusted legal representation to some of the boldest musicians, entrepreneurs, video producers, writers, artists, content creators, dreamers, and inventors around.


With an intimate knowledge of the entertainment industry and a thorough respect for creators (and their budgets), Brooks understands the legal challenges all artists face when their creativity becomes a commodity. We've outlined some of our specialties below, but our Entertainment Law services go even further. If you don't see what you're looking for below, that's okay! Just send us a quick message to get the conversation started.

Behind the Scenes

Film & Television

  • Rights Acquisitions

  • Writer Agreements

  • Producer Agreements

  • Music Clearances

  • Distribution Negotiations

  • Financing

  • Financing and Securities Law Compliance

  • LLC / LLP / Joint Venture Agreements

Visual Arts

  • Co-Creator/Author Agreements

  • Work for Hire Agreements

  • Publishing/Distribution Agreements

  • License Back of Character Concepts

Music Law

  • Recording Contracts

  • Music Distribution Deals

  • Synchronization and Master Use Licenses

  • Artist Management Contracts (both sides)

  • Producer Contracts

  • Private Investor Financing Arrangements

  • Sponsorship / Endorsement Agreements

Small Biz

Small Business Law

A booming enterprise requires a solid infrastructure. Whether you run a start-up or a multi-million dollar organization, we can help with all of your small-business law needs: general consults, establishing or changing your corporate structure, protecting owners' interests, drafting employment and contractor agreements, and more.


Some of our small business services include:

  • Corporate Formations and Necessary Documents

  • Profit Participations

  • Employee / Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Joint Venture Opportunities

  • Non-Disclosures, Non-Compete, and Non-Solicitation agreements



You have achieved what so many young men and women have only dreamed of, you have monetized your skills in the wild new world of professional gaming. Let's face it though, contracts bore you and team negotiations are probably not your forte. No need to sweat, Brooks Rice Law is uniquely poised to service e-sports athletes and professionals so you and your team can get back to stocking the munitions and slaying your enemies.


  • Athlete Compensation and Representation

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Team Negotiations

  • Sponsorship /Endorsement Agreements

  • Merchandising

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Estate Planning


Legendary art stays legendary when you have someone to carry the torch when you're gone. If you are fortunate enough to have a creation worth passing on to your family, make sure they get the protection and representation they need with our artist-tailored estate planning.


Brooks Rice Law handles estate matters relating to:


  • Simple Wills and Trust Agreements

  • Small Estate Planning

  • Trusts for Managing Children and Artistic Creations

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I've been working with Brooks Rice now for several years to assist me with my small business. Working in the arts, there's a lot of things to navigate, from copyright to trademark to IP, and Brooks has managed to keep us on the right side of the law, time and time again. His office is quick to respond, always informative, and always has me my business' best interests in mind. It's great to work with a local lawyer that understands what we need, and can explain 'contract-speak' to me whenever I need one reviewed! I've sent several of my artist friends to him over the years, and they've all reported back favorably. Thanks, Brooks!

Tim Doyle, Founder & Owner of Nakatomi Inc.


I was referred to Brooks Rice through a friend, as I grew disappointed with the legal support I was getting at the time. Upon connecting with Brooks, I immediately found him to be incredibly accessible, intelligent, and relatable, which is a unique mix for lawyers in this field. What started as him supporting one project with a musician I manage has already grown and, I anticipate, will continue to for my future entertainment- and media-related legal needs. 

Joah Spearman, CEO and Founder at Localeur


Brooks has been a great asset to our artist management business. From artist agreements to internal business affairs to whatever legal counsel we have asked of him, he has taken care of us.  We have been able to count on him for timely, solid work for many years.  Couldn’t recommend him more.

George Couri, Co-CEO of Triple 8 Management


I've worked with Brooks from day one of his jump into the entertainment law world, and I was sure that he would be another poor representation of the music law folks in Austin; but i thought we would give him a shot since he came highly recommended (by his dad and my doctor in 2012 or so). From day 1, Brooks has served my company with very few errors, he completes tasks in a timely manner, and is incredibly responsive and organized. If he didnt understand some element of our needs; he quickly developed new skills and has consistently become more informed and more useful for us over the years. What started as a trial to see if he could handle a few things here and there has become a near in house business affairs representative for Triple 8. I couldn't recommend him more. 

Bruce Kalmick, Co-CEO of Triple 8 Management


Brooks is extremely attentive and great at what he does. He gives you real-time, and talks to you like you’re a real person he cares about - not just a paycheck. I’ve had past experiences with lawyers who obfuscate everything, and Brooks explains things simply and openly so you feel included and heard. He loves music and he loves people, and he genuinely wants to be there for artists. It’s hard enough as it is in this business and having a lawyer who feels like a friend instills an extra level of confidence knowing you’re protected and informed at every turn.

Victoria Bigelow, Musical Artist


Brooks is simply a treat to work with! He's a fierce advocate for his clients, speedy, and produces quality work. It was an honor collaborating with him as the CEO of 3 Day Startup. Together, we implemented new partner agreements, GDPR, updated bylaws, employee policies and procedures, and expectations for volunteers and educators. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're working with great people -- and Brooks is one of those people who you definitely want in your corner. 

Alexis Taylor, Director for Global Engagement


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